Full Range to Home Theatre Wooden Audio Speaker

Full Range to Home Theatre Wooden Audio Speaker

The KM series is a series of high-quality professional sound reinforcement speaker cabinets with high efficiency and a wide and smooth frequency response at any listening position (short and medium distances). KM series speakers are ideal for a wide range of applications, such as disco, cinema, club, cafe, restaurant, sport facilities and other entertainment. Simply put, KM Series loudspeakers deliver unmatched power and unparalleled sound quality and user-friendly. They are an extremely cost-effective solution for professional applications.

This passive 18" PA-speaker has a music power of 600W, generating an acoustic pressure level of 101dB and provides an astonishing experience. Can be operated as top- or full range -speaker. Comes with switchable internal crossover which enables you to switch off the internal passive crossover and use an external electronic crossover and integrated fly points for rigging. Also ideal for use as stage monitor.


  • Passive PA speaker
  • Can be operated as top or full-range speaker
  • Music power 600W
  • Switchable crossover passive 
  • Internal passive crossover at 2.0kHz
  • Fly points for rigging
  • Extra hard coating
  • Connections: 2x NL4

 Model  KM-18S
 Type 15'' 2-Way Full Range
 Freq. Response (-10dB) 40Hz-200Hz 
 Sensitivity  1W@1M  101dB 
 Power Handling(Continuous/Program/Peak) 600/1200/2400watts
 Nominal Impedance  8ohms 

15" woofer



 Enclosure 15mm MDF 
 Appearance Finish Texture Painting 

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